Welcome aboard the Athena UFO! This is the Level 1 Loading Dock. You are now a part of the Mr. Green the Grey Saga! Long in development, this is more than your average NFT project! As a new MGTG Flight Crew Member you start your journey here! It will take all of us together to brave the intergalactic battles ahead and make it all the way to the Level 5 Flight Deck! Before we get ahead of ourselves, here on the dock we need to de-program your human brain, like Dustin up there, so you can process what you're seeing without BUGGIN' OUT!


    The Mr. Green the Grey (MGTG) Collection is a series of 10,000 NFT digital art assets verified on the Ethereum Blockchain. Mr. Green the Grey is an animated movie saga that is in development and your MGTG NFT unlocks your personal place in the creation of the story and in the world of MGTG! It's up to you and the rest of the MGTG Flight Crew to save Earth... hope we'e not too late!